Shim stock by Lyon for precise machinery setup

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We are the leading and authorized Lyon Shim Stock Dealers in Dubai. We are renowned in the industry with a certified recognition for handling highly professional shipments for supplying the products. Our offers are exclusive and deliver a range of Lyon Shim stock products.

With that, Lyon Industries is a prominent manufacturer of shim stock, and we hold the powerful position for distributing Lyon’s shim stock in stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, and many other metals as well. Our main aim is to provide and take up various special orders on Shim that meet your requirement, with that custom specification requested from us will also be delivered rightly.

Our Lyon Shim Stock Products:

We, the leading ACCUSHIM Shim Suppliers in the Arab market, have the stainless steel slotted shim kit in size and the quality you need. Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel can guarantee you quality support made up of the most robust and incredible material of all.

Along with that, the good and sturdy design case provided securing the Slotted shims and making it a reusable option. The slotted shim kits provided are not only the tightest and durable ones but are the flattest of all. We offer .001″ to .125″ thickness inch along with 2×2, 3×3,4×4, and 5×5 sizes stainless steel shims.

Our copper shim stock is corrosion resistant as well as nonmagnetic. Copper shim stock is also proven to be a good conductor of heat and electricity, and it will work wonders while installing heat sinks. Our shim stock is engineered to make a precise and excellent spacing requirement for our client in different industrial applications.

The copper shim stock provided will support all your needs concerning metalworking and repairing as well. Our copper shim stock comes in a versatile range of – 002″- 020″/0.05 mm – 5mm and 6″ x 50″ as well as 12″ x 50″. Along with that, all the application that involves leveling, machine aligning, and equipment can be made with ease through this high-quality copper shim stock.

We offer Lyon Industries Shim Stocks in Dubai with Brass material that delivers corrosion resistance material. This product is far softer than stainless steel, which can be used as a wear plate between the components that can easily be rubbed together. We offer the longest quality and extremely functional brass shim stock that is easy to cut, very safe when you handle it, and can be good for long-wearing.

Our product is typically used to support leveling, aligning, assembling, machine repairing and maintenance, adjustment fit, as well as to seal any joints, adjust the valve spring pressure, and create shim based on your specific needs. Measures Range: – 001″- 080″/0.025mm – 2mm thick and 6″ x 100″ 12″ x 120″. For adjusting any jigs or fixtures, this is an ideal product to buy based on its quality.

To meet our clients’ comprehensive and ever-changing demands, we offer a versatile range of stainless-steel Shim Stock Roll. The best part of our shim is it doesn’t spot, rust, and even corrode, unlike ordinary steel that tends to fall into trouble quickly. Our superior quality stainless steel shims have the desired thickness and size to help you get your complicated tasks done in no time.

The stainless-steel shims we provide work well in all sorts of industries,. We use premium and optimum quality stainless steel fostered by a prosperous industry and a highly experienced team of professionals. With measures of thickness Range: – 001″- 080″/0.025mm – 2mm and size 6″ x 50″ and 12″ x 50″.

We have got your covered when it comes to excellent quality and durable stainless steel and steel music wire products. This wire can bounce back after it gets to bend. Also, it is often used to construct springs and wire tops as well.

We offer premium wire solutions with thousands of stainless steels and steel wire items available in stock and ready to ship that meets your size and thickness requirement. Our stainless steel and steel music wire is mostly an excellent choice for industries and applications, including aerospace, electronics, springs, and medical, oil & gas, automotive, and a lot more. We are Leading Lyon Industries Shim Stock Suppliers In Dubai.

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We are the most reasonable and quality-driven Lyon Industries Dealers In UAE. Choosing the right Shim stock from us is highly possible because of the range of products we have in store. Our custom-based products suit every client’s need and can be used in different industries and applications.
When it comes to sourcing shim stocks in Dubai, Sitco is the go-to choice. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring you receive durable and reliable products for your precision needs. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts understands your unique requirements, offering not just products but solutions. We provide a wide range of shim stocks to cater to various applications, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your projects. Choose us as your trusted shim stock suppliers, and experience top-notch quality and reliability with every purchase.
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