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To suit a modern workshop’s needs, having the current and much needed new set of machinery is crucial. With us, you will have an option to navigate through an extensive range of machinery that suits all your modern needs well. We are the high-quality Machine Tools Dealers in Dubai, presenting all sorts of machine tools and accessories that give customers immense satisfaction.

The Range of High-performance Machining Products We Offer:

Our quality-oriented and versatile range of Inspection mirror, magnets, and pickup tool matches the needs and expectation’s client has in us. We offer a range of tools like a flexible pick-up tool with the jaw for stronger grip and an Inspection Mirror with and without LED, which can help you see different places. If you’ve lost any object, you can use it as it has an optimal angle viewing.

With us, you get your hands on the most quality-driven and versatile range of Lyon industries Shim stock products. With different materials, you can choose your desired one that suits your industry and application needs. We offer slotted shim kits, copper shim stock, brass, and stainless-steel shim, all of which are corrosion resistant products.

It is an exclusive manufacturer of Portable Magnetic Drilling Broaching Machines and accessories produced for professionals. We are the leading machine tools equipment dealers in Dubai, providing quality Magbroach products, including Magnetic Drill Machine MD40. It is one of the most demanding machines, lightweight, and has a standard strong magnet, equipped with the latest technology.

Explore a wide range of Nicon vises, which includes Precision Milling, along with drill machines, tilting and swiveling as well as unbreakable bench vise. All of the products offer rich quality, versatility, and come with industry-standard specifications. You can use these products for multiple industrial project work, and it assures you to give you precise cutting and drilling experience just the way you’ve desired. With a steel body and high-end technology, your precision grinding, milling, engraving, and other needs will be fulfilled in no time.
You can also get your hands on other necessary yet virtual machines accessories used in the industry to perform day-to-day functions. The versatile range of products includes a tap extractor to fit and repair broken taps, plastic contour gauge for a smooth finish, foldable multi-angle ruler and every product, screw remover, external deburring tool. Not just that, you can also enjoy the wide range of high-quality tools like portable drill bit sharpener, tool sharpener, diamond files and thread restoring, and a lot more.

Get your hands on the top Ozar hand tools, delivered to you with the most top-rated and Trusted  Machine Tools Suppliers in UAE. We offer an industry-leading tool and update our product range with our customers’ ever-increasing and high demanding needs. Ozar products include wheel dresser, round size stock handles, precision steel square, magnet, and many more.

We are a quality dealer for super chuck products, including a boring headset, jaw self-centering chuck, keyless drill chuck, drill chuck with key, and the Bullnose center. The product quality offered is supreme, made up of top-rated material that keeps the product’s strength intact.
We cooperate with the leading machine brand, Vertex Machine Accessory, and deal with top quality and demanding tools, which are suitable for various industries and applications. Our offering includes a precision gauge block, dead center, lathe bull nose center, angle fixed milling vise, etc.
Young Cycle Steel Stamps offer a unique range of Machine Tools for High-Performance Machining with versatile size. And the product is made up of steel that increases its longevity. We are the dealers offering a broad product category that includes letter steel stamp, dotted and number steel stamp, and letter punch with a hammer.
Get your hands on the most professional torque tools meeting the needs of your machinery experience. We offer professional quality Nova Tork tools and majorly get the dealing of torque wrenches, the fastest and most demanding product.
To get the right and smartest pick on the industry-leading tools with speciality products that go well with all the industry markets, you can contact us. We provide a comprehensive range of trinity brand industries tools, including stainless steel shin, brass shim, and music wire steel/stainless steel products.

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With our convenient quality, superior performance, and competitive pricing, we have become the most renowned and valuable industry dealer. Our aim and vision of build a better customer base around the world by dealing with top quality Machine Tools for Woodworking. As trusted machine tools suppliers in UAE, we take great pride in delivering products that consistently meet and surpass the industry’s exacting standards.

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