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Types of Precision Cutting Tools in Which We are Dealing

Since our inception, we have been offering quality Precision Tool services in Dubai and have supplied a range of tools in the field we trade in. Our company works on the principle of delivering quality, reliable, and durable tools to our clients in the UAE. For us, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business; thus, we strictly verify, cross-check, and then consider tool exporting. Being the sole and renowned agent worldwide for suppliers of branded tools, our range of products surely fits the category of every buyer, based on pricing, type, size, and quality. As cutting tools suppliers in UAE, we take pride in our extensive range of precision cutting tools. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, making us the trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable tools for their diverse needs.

Versatile & Quality Driven Precision Cutting Tools

We are the leading Precise Cutting Tools Dealer that provides top-notch step
drill bits. This ideal product is made with high speed steel coated with coverage of titanium that makes it durable. It is used to drill deep holes, cut through steel sheets, copper, plastic & all sorts of metals quickly.

We offer premium quality solid carbide slot drills and End mill cutters that are used for smooth, deep, and seamless cutting performance. It is used majorly for profiling operations with medium metal removal rates, contouring complex surfaces, and offering a finished quality surface
We offer a wide range of Carbide Bur, which is made up of tungsten carbide, the strongest metal. It is used for delivering sharp cutting, deburring, milling, finishing application as well as cleaning. We have got the right shape, size, and style to get your job done.
We aim to be the top Precision Tools Services providers in Dubai; therefore, we provide quality Tin coated step drill bits that are ideally used to drill fast and smoothly through holes in stainless steel, copper, plastic, etc.
Durable cutting tools for drilling tasks
It is the fastest way to provide a heavy chamfer in the entrance to a drilled hole in metal. They also are required to allow the correct seating for a countersunk-head screw or to provide the lead in for a second machining operation such as tapping etc. These products are meant to deliver a high-speed drill experience and are made up of pure High speed steel materials.
The innovative steel-based Woodruff cutters are used to cut the keyway for a woodruff key. Woodruff-Style Narrow-Width Slotting Cutters are popular in small engine manufacturing and automotive companies where a narrow width slot is necessary. Engineered specials available upon request.
It is an outstanding product that provides high-efficiency cutting leaving a clean surface and stronger performance. The ball nosed cutter used for contouring complex surface, roughing end mills for high metal application, and four flutes for profiling operations, and two flute slot drills for milling slots, pockets, and keyways.
Used for the general centering process for a wide range of material. This center drill bit has greater productivity, lasting performance, better life, and for large batch production. Carbide being the hardest brittle of the drill bit materials, it is used in drilling high-quality equipment and hard metals.
To process holes in solid hard material, twisted drill bits work super-efficient. Ideally meant to be the most sought-after machining tool, it can resist heat and friction to deliver a quality drill bit finish.
An ideal product to drill stainless steel, cast iron, steel plate effortlessly. The material delivers a deep drilling performance. Made especially for higher tensile, more robust material where heat generated is maximum during machining.
Versatile precision tools for various materials
For general drilling machines, the HSS drill bit is the most versatile product as it goes well with all sorts of material types. These drill bits are harder and quite resistant to heat, with a satisfactory cutting speed performance.
Getting through core thickness is possible with the Drillbit made up of cobalt alloyed. This product is offering high grade, high speed, and exceptional precision work. They come available in Straight Shank and Parallel Shank Drill Bits.
This unique product is designed to cater to all the engineering drill needs. It offers a solution to all sorts of drilling complications where drills cannot withstand modern manufacturing methods and speed.

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