7 pcs Fillet Gauge Welding Metric and inch


With a pivoting blade for easy measuring of eleven most specified fillet dimensions. Measures concave or convex seams. Stainless steel blades, etched increments. 1/8 in. thru 1 in. and metric equivalents. Fits in 4-1/2 in. x 2 in. case  Each leaf has two ends. one is for Inch. the other ends for Metric.   The gages possess two ends with one piece. One end is for convex fillet, and the other end is for concave fillet. Precision gauge used high quality stainless steel  The gauges comes as a set of individual gauges. It is used to determine whether the weld is smaller than, larger than, or the exact size of the gauge being used.


* With deburred edges

* Knurled nut hols set 7 pcs together

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