Dial Test Indicator


• Narrow or deep places, which cannot be measured with a normal dial gauge, can be easily and accurately measured.
• Mitutoyo’s proprietary new structure permits smooth pointer operation.
• Use of a hard frame body provides excellent rigidity and durability.
• Non-magnetic pointer and contact point permit secure operation even in environments with magnetism.
• Use of a clear and concise wide dial face allows excellent visibility.
• The surface of the crystal is hard-coated, to make it scratch-resistant.
• Flat crystal makes gradations easy to read.Moreover, the unified structure of the outer frame prevents oil and water from permeating via the front face.
• Six types are available: vertical, inclined,perpendicular, horizontal, universal, and pocketable, allowing users to select the model most suited to their needs.
• Vertical: Standard
• Inclined: Dial face inclined 20°, compared with the vertical type, allows easy reading.
• Perpendicular: Best suited for centering holes.
• Horizontal: The graduations can be read from the front, with the probe on the tip of the horizontal conical rod abutting the workpiece.
• Universal: The direction of the probe movement can be freely changed.
• Pocketable: Compact type
• Comes with certificate of inspection.

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