High Speed Steel Tool Bits & Cut-Off Blades



Made from High Speed Steel bearing tungston modybdenum grade for use on relatively soft material.


HSS M-35 5% Cobalt

Toughness Made from High Speed Steel bearing 5% Cobalt. It is an economical grade for general purpose use in workshop and is best suited for applications involving interrupted cuts and roughing operation.


HSS M – 42 8% Cobalt

Have a high degree of hot hardness and wear resistance. Made from High Speed Steel bearing 8% Cobalt, these offer top efficiency on difficult-to-machine alloys and high strength steels.


HSS T-42 10% Cobalt

Have exceptional wear resistance property. Made of 10% Cobalt bearing High Speed Steel, these have high hot hardness, edge-holding ability in addition to ample toughness for all types of cutting tool applications including those at high temperatures and speeds. They are especially adopted for roughing or finishing operations where maximum tool life is required; for large- batch automatic lathe work and all types of lathe and boring operations. Tool Bits can be supplied in 8.5% or 10.5% Cobalt, equivalent to grades ASP-30 & ASP-60. Tool Bits can be also supplied with Cryogenic Treatment.



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