Hydraulic Knockout Punch Driver Kit 10 Ton



Standard 6 sets of Dies & Punches, interchangeable.

Plastic handle sleeve at the end of the operating handle.

Rotatable ON / OFF Switch for pressure release.

Portable metal carrying case.

Two metal clasps to lock the kit firmly.

Portable, laborsaving and fast operation.

Suit for stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, plastic etc.

Max pressure:10 ton

Max thickness for mild steel plate: 3.2 mm ( 11 gauge )

Max thickness for stainless steel sheet: 2 mm ( 14 gauge )

Ram with 31″ high pressure oil hose

6 sets of round hole punch dies (16mm, 20mm, 26.2mm, 32.6mm, 39mm, 51mm, one set of each size),

with washer and guide bolts(one bigger and two smaller).

Total Weight: 25 lbs

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