Mini Coating Thickness Gauge


This product is a portable coating thickness gauge,which can quickly, nondestructively, and accurately
measure non-metallic coating thickness (such as paint,
film, etc.) of metal substrate. It Is widely used in detection
areas like manufacturing industry, Car washing industry,
metal processing industry, chemical industry,and
commodity inspection.


1.Measure coating thickness of metal substrate surface
2.Two modes: Car/User
3.Three measurement ways: single measurement,
continuous measurement, difference value measurement
4.Three calibration functions: zero calibration,two-point calibration, and basic calibration
5.Metric unit and imperial unit
6.Auto power off

Material: ABS
Color: Orange, black (optional)
Screen: Horizontal, vertical (optional)
Measuring range: 0~2000um
Precision: ±(3%+1um)
Resolution: 0um~99.9um(0.1um) 100um~999um(1um) >1000um(0.01mm)
Zero calibration:Support
Statistics: Average, minimum, maximum, number
Minimum convex Radian: 5mm
Minimum concave Radian: 25mm
Minimum measured area: Diameter 20mm
Minimum substrate thickness: 0.2mm
Diameter 20mm Maximum measuring speed: 2 readings per second
Power supply: 2 1.5V 7 battery (Not include)
Size: 113mmX53mmX24mm
weight: 80g

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