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We are one of the leading and top Thread Repair Tool Kit distributors in UAE. With our wealth of experience, we provide ample benefits to our customers. We offer tools that are supposed to deliver concrete solutions, and their application could do wonders as they are efficient and easy to handle. Our cooperation with industries and a strong network chain has made us an expert dealer to focus on threading products. Customers can find a comprehensive range of thread repair tool sets made with premium quality material to fulfill our customer’s ever-changing needs.

What we offer

You need not have to rely on a drilling machine to remove broken taps. With Tap Extractor For Damage And Broken Tap, you can easily save the thread. The hardened steel fingers of Tap Extractors fit in the flutes of a broken tap to back it out simply and safely. This product can be used repetitively without having to damage the screw thread.
Get your hands on the Nu-Thread® files made with high quality, cross-cut that works wonderfully on the thread pitch. The teeth of the products are sharpened well, so they perform the work precisely. You can expect the restorer file to overlap various useful threads and later file on the damaged ones.
This product is ready to be used for sorts of metal tasks. With the metal cutting lubricant used for metal the overall work delivered is wonderful. The product has been formulated to offer instant, ready-to-use metal machining products that provide exceptional performance in demanding applications.

We are proud to offer a quality-driven Thread Repair Tool Set online in Dubai. And the exceptional range of products includes Inserting Tool with Hexagon Drive and Wire Thread Inserts. With that, you get a set of 2 pcs of STI-taps made with fine quality, simple, and easy to use. This kit creates an efficient, robust, and reliable threading experience for the user.

These tools are designed to make your experience simpler, quicker, and efficient with it. Use thread inserting tools to install helical threads into a drilled hole or repair a stripped screw or bolt thread. We offer a range of simple inserting tools for all sorts of machining operations and the metalworking industry.
For repairing defective threads, you can get your hands on the top-rated thread repair workshop kit. It is the fastest, simplest, and quickest way to restore the threads and make them long-lasting. This kit delivers all the much-needed tools necessary for you to drill, insert, and tap. Also, a variety of sizes are available based on your needs.
Get the damaged thread repair in no time and without any hassle with this high quality, very efficient, and easy to handle Thread Repair Kits BSP. You have access to using top-notch Wire Thread Inserts 1,5 D and create stronger threads in no time. It quickly repairs damaged and stripped thread and provides effective means to reinforce your thread.
It can help you get rid of damaged or worn-out threads with its shear strength. The sleek, durable, and easy to carry case makes it a versatile choice. We offer a versatile collection of BSF and BSW Boxed Kits and become your one-stop source for it.
Get thread repair for damaged or worn-out threads in no time with the right amount of strength, high-speed steel used only in the Thread Repair Kits UNC. It features Wire Thread Inserts 1,5 D, which makes it an excellent choice for the user. It contains everything you need to make a complete success of your thread repair projects.

This thread repair kit has wire thread inserts made from stainless-steel wire, providing the right amount of strength for internal threads. Their trendy design and V-coil thread repair kit ensure a superior thread repairing performance are delivered with the fastening method.

Get the right repair kit metric for your needs that have everything to make your threading work a success. It comes with STI-taps, Inserting Tool, and Wire Thread Inserts 1,5 D. All of which creates high strength, wear resistance, reinforce and repair the thread and provide heat resistance too.

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We are a perfect choice and top Thread Repair Kits dealers in UAE. At us, you get a great selection of thread repair kits with the right price and accurate specification. Our products are genuine, making your threading process fastened, simple to use, and cost-saving to repair and create effective results in no time.
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