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We are one of the leading and top-rated abrasive suppliers with a high-quality product proven to deliver results and used to finish the surface and cut off material. Since the establishment, we have dedicated our service solely as customer-centric and always focus on a quality product that provides our customer value. Unlike other companies, we are authorized Abrasive Wheels Suppliers in Dubai for providing tools and we are proud to showcase a large variety of products based on your needs. We supply what is best in the market and one equipped with the latest techniques, quality, and processes that offer cost-effective yet efficient abrasive handling to our customers.

Abrasives Products

Bibielle offers an extreme range of products for the treatment of all metal surfaces that includes work like cutting, grinding, preparing the surface, Deburring, and so on. The quality of the product and the innovation in it is incomparable. We are a proud supplier of Bibielle Abrasives products helping the customer get the perfect finishing, masking that is needed for the work. We are dedicated to supplying a comprehensive range of products under the brand and creating a marketing leading position for all your abrasive requirements. Products like shaft mounted, flap wheels on flange, spiral bands, mounted stone set, unitized wheel red, and a rubber holder for the spiral band are offered. All the products that we offer have good quality and competitive prices guaranteed.
Kullen Rotary Wire Brushes provides several exclusive and quality-driven brushing solutions. It offers a wide variety and ultimate products of Rotary wire brushes. These brushes work wonders for cleaning surfaces, grinding, and other applications. We are a prominent supplier of excellent quality and versatile brushes for different purposes that fit every customer’s needs. Our product catalog includes cup wire brush, shaft-mounted cup brush, end brush crimped and twisted, hand brush and file brush, and circular wire brushes crimped and twisted. All products are delivered with excellent quality and material, which makes them extra durable and long-lasting.

Hito Abrasives is the leading manufacturer of abrasive products. Constant improvement, technique, and developed methodology have proven to meet customer expectations and quality requirements. We are proud to be the leading and ultimate supplier of Hito’s abrasive range of products and delivering excellent customer service and support as our added advantage.

We offer various products, including sharpening stone, knife sharpeners, aluminum oxide white grinding wheel, silicon carbide grinding wheel, and mounted stone set. All the products are built of exclusive quality and material, resulting in longer and stronger use. For all sorts of Diamond abrasive products, we are renowned and trusted for being the Hito Abrasive Products Dealers in Dubai.

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We are a well-known supplier of Abrasives Products and Equipment in UAE. We have widened our market by supplying all sorts and range of tools in the field we trade-in. Our strong reputation is prominent because of the teamwork and quality tools, we have proven to deliver to our client. Our main and primary aim is to serve the customer with satisfaction and provide value for money opportunities. We indeed look forward to delivering price and quality guarantees and products of all types so you can count on us for all sorts of abrasive product needs.