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Abrasive and Wheels

We are one of the leading and top-rated abrasive suppliers & dealers with high-quality products.

Machine Tools

To suit a modern workshop’s needs, having the current and much needed new set of machinery is crucial.

Thread Repair
Tool Set

We are one of the leading and top Thread Repair Tool Kit Dealers & distributors in UAE

Hole Cutter

We are the prominent and innovative supplier of a wide range of high-quality Hole cutters for metals.

Lyon Shim
Stock Dealer

We are renowned Lyon Shim Stock Dealer in the industry with a certified recognition.

Precision Cutting

Our company works on the principle of delivering quality, reliable, and durable tools.

Measuring tools and

We are the leading name that exceeds the global market for delivering quality Measuring Tools.

Plastic Gauge

We are the leading dealers of Engine Plastic Gauge in Dubai, providing high-quality engineering tools.

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Hardware Store & Industrial Tool Supplier in UAE

Saleh Ishaq Trading Co. L.L.C is a trusted Industrial Tools Importer, Exporter, and Supplier, having its operations all over United Arab Emirates and overseas. We present ourselves with over 24 years of experience in engineering and precision tools such as Marine engineering tools, Fabrication tools, CNC Machine Parts, Measuring Instruments, Abrasive systems, HSS and Carbide tools and other hand tools.We provide only the best quality products.


Saleh Ishaq Trading Co. L.L.C

Quality Control

Our company continuously works on standards defined and maintains strict quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction is attained.

Performance Efficiency

Choosing us means choosing the highest specification, right quality precision tools that make your process efficient and error-free. We offer the desired product you need.

Customer Focused

We look ahead to serve the finest quality service to our clients for maximum satisfaction. With the shortest lead time, our delivery is done rightly with unmatchable quality.

Product Range

We pride ourselves in providing the widest range of tools in the engineering and precision category, including Abrasive systems, carbide, marine engineering, fabrication tools, and more.



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