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We are the leading name that exceeds the global market for supplying and delivering immensely high-quality Measuring Tools. Since our establishment, we have been renowned as the most trusted Measuring Tools and Equipment Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Quality, along with trust, is what we aim to deliver to our clients, and together it has helped us create a reputation unstoppable.

Types Of Measuring Instruments Provided By Us

Feeler gauge, a mechanical instrument used to provide a detailed reading of the gap between the two surfaces. The exception produce comes in different blade thickness, made with 16 blades stainless steel.
You can seamlessly measure the circumference and the diameter together with this 16 mm wide tape made up with steel and provided an added advantage of being etched mm graduation.
Combination Square Set is a multi-purpose measuring and marking tool used in metalworking, woodworking, and stonemasonry Made up of steel, it is a very precise product.
This product measures the inside dimension of any surface in its cylinder, rings, or parallel ones. It offers a wide range of ID measurements by the use of different extension rode and pipes provided.
Depth Micrometer holds the ability to measure the depthless of the hole, recess, or even a slot. It comes with a 4mm measuring rod and has a ratchet stop for constant force. Whereas the Outside Micrometer is designed to meet the needs of measuring the outside of an object and their diameter. It features IP65 water/dust protection along with the zero setting standards for each of its range.
Curv-O-Mark tools have been trusted and said to be the perfect choice for welder, pipefitters for over a decade now. Whether you are looking for a radius marker, wrap-around, contour market, or even centering head and WRAPS pipe Wrap around, we would love to provide it to you. Our products are easy to use, each with its unique quality, feature, and durability made up of flexible material and easy to use. They have a strong resistance to work under extreme cold as well as heat.
We offer exclusive products of the brand, Stainless Steel Angle Protractor, which deliver easier to read marking, providing the capability to read and take up exterior angle measurements. The quality being stainless steel offers complete durability and polish finished with scale etched. We also offer Feeler gauge bent type with 16 blades made up of stainless steel. The versatile blade thickness provided in it is exceptional.

We offer a range of products of Insize, which is proven to deliver innovation, quality, service, and great value to the customer worldwide. We have in store everything for everyone, without compromising on the quality, and thus we are the leading Insize Measuring Instruments Suppliers & Dealers in Dubai. The precision measuring instruments you can get from us are Dial indicators, bore gauge, feeler gauge, measuring tape, magnetic stand, micrometer, and Insize callipers.

Our plastic gauge provides a simple yet meaningful, precise method for measuring the clearance between a fitted surface. In case a feeler gauge cannot be inserted because of a limited surface, the plastic gauge works wonderfully. We provide a range of plastic gauges that include sealed power plastic gauge, PL-E, PL-D, PL-C, PL-B & PL-A. Without using expensive micrometers, you can use this as a measurement for the clearance of the engine rod and main bearing easily.

The time comes with a wide range of precision test instruments and tools for multifunction calibration benches. Each of the products offered by time provides high performance, longevity, and accuracy within the required application. We are the prominent and most choice Time Precision Measuring Instruments Supplier in Dubai. For clients, we have 3 versatile products under the list, which includes Mini coating thickness gauge, portable hardness tester TH 130 & Ultrasonic thickness gauge TT-100

Measurement and inspection of the welded joint is a very crucial step in total quality control as well as reliability towards welded constructions. With the help of our Welding gauges, you can follow up external inspection to detect all sorts of external defects like surface crack, flow, undercuts, lack of fusion, etc. We deliver high-quality welding gauges made up of stainless steel; all the products we offer are top quality, affordable.

Why Choose us

Our entire process of manufacturing, supplier packing is duly checked, verified, and tested by the team of experts. They are intentionally looking keenly and eliminating all possible chances of errors. We are an exclusive Measurement Equipment Supplier in UAE, our work is purely based on ethics, and that’s how we win confidence in the client and make them a part of us.

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