Contour Marker


The Curv-O-Mark Contour Marker is a compact, time-saving tool used to lay out pipe and structural steel joints.

The Contour Marker can be used to lay out pipe from 1-1/2 to 18 in. diameter, or structural steel members up to 18 in. The Contour Marker consists of an X-shaped frame, calibrated protractor, and a triple jointed marking arm and holder. The holder accepts a soapstone crayon (included), felt pen or pencil. The frame easily folds into a compact toolkit. It can be used right side up or upside down, depending on the direction of the line to be scribed The protractor is calibrated on both sides-one in degrees, the other in rise inches-per-foot-to service any type of measurement need. The unit comes with a Structural Adaptor designed to simplify the layout of structural joints, including l-beams, angles, channels, square tubing and similar shapes

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